Planning and rendering service for a building in via Giustinelli in Trieste Photo of via Giustinelli with calculation report study
Via dei Giustinelli, Trieste
  • Descrizione servizio dei disegni progettazione e relazioni di calcoloEuroedile boasts a technical department that cannot be matched in its sector; a team of approximately 10 technicians works alongside the client, step by step, identifying the best possible solutions to ensure the simplest possible worksite, even looking after the technical management of the worksite itself. The technical department is coordinated by an engineering department that guides technicians both in identifying the best solution and in the preparation of projects and calculation reports. In a context where safety is the number one priority of any workplace, the choice to internalise the engineering department has proven to be a winning one;
Rendering of Pantheon in Rome Photo of scaffolding in the Pantheon in Rome
Pantheon, Rome
Rendering, progettazione di Ponte in pietra Colle di Nava Erection of scaffolding in Ormea (Cuneo, Piedmont)
Stone bridge Colle di Nava, Ormea (Cuneo, Piedmont)
  • in this way, clients benefit from an immediate response to requests by construction safety managers. The company has worked on numerous complex projects, testing the most important skills in the scaffolding sector. EuroEdile has become a true point of reference in its field, providing consultancy to engineering firms dealing with non-standard projects. The company’s extensive experience in managing the worksites of prestigious buildings has grown over the years. Euroedile has become increasingly specialised, continuously testing new technological and construction techniques. The company is committed to developing pilot cases requiring the conception of ad hoc automatisms studied by the Engineering Department. EuroEdile studies integrated solutions and produces and tests the overall structure, all with a view towards harmonising computer technology and construction logic. Interdisciplinary staff is responsible for responding to explicit needs, dedicated to performing the requested feasibility studies.