Descrizione del ponteggio sospeso FIELDS OF USE (caution, the information below may vary depending on the make and model): skyscrapers for facade maintenance and window cleaning, pile bridges and viaducts, shipyards, power plants, chimney stacks, dams, …all uses where fast action is a must.

Suspended scaffold hung off a building Suspended scaffold positioned on the ground Suspended scaffold in a dam Suspended scaffold hung off a bridge
  • Descrizione dettagliata dei ponteggiIt is a variable length basket anchored from above using either counterweights or anchor clamps. It is hung using flexible equipment and lifted by winches driven by electric motors, allowing the transport of both people and materials. The length of the platform is composed of modular elements, making it extremely flexible and adaptable to all needs...details
    Suspended scaffolding is particularly useful for rapid maintenance works in cases where it is more convenient to install the scaffold support on the roof of the building rather than erect scaffolding from the ground level; suspended scaffolds therefore do not obstruct footpaths or gardens, do not trap building residents and do not serve as an incentive to thieves or prowlers. These scaffolds allow easy access to all parts of a building’s facade. These are CE certified machines that do not require a safety plan in each worksite in order to be used. The hoisting ropes are always a pair; one is used to operate the hoist, and the other manages the safety systems. The length of the ropes depends exclusively on the height of the building and is unlimited. To improve the sturdiness of the machines, (which in any case are much more stable than you would think), the ropes can be anchored to the ground without any problems. The operating principle of these machines is based on that of the lever: a rear suspension beam counterbalanced by ballasts is what supports the actual work platform. It follows therefore that the number of counterweights (which is specified in the tables in the manual) depends on the two lever arms and the load capacity of the platform itself. Given that weight is an important factor, suspended scaffolds are made in aluminium; the supporting elements such as the brackets are made from galvanized steel. Don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for information on how suspended scaffolds can be used in more complex situations, such as sloping surfaces for suspension beams, insofar as a carefully designed project will no doubt be able to solve the problem.
    • Load capacity: from 240 kg to 1000 kg
    • Maximum height: unlimited
    • Platform width: 0.6 m
    • Platform length: from 2 to 15 m
    • Power: 220/380 V
    • Lifting speed 8m/min
    • Continuous power: 2*1.1 kW
    • Minimum dimensions of suspension beams: 1.2*2.2 m
    • Assembly time: a pair of workers can have the suspended scaffolds operational in less than one day.