Descrizione del ponteggio autosollevante - Servizio di progettazione e consulenza, servizio di noleggio ponteggi e affitto, vendita e usato garantito FIELDS OF USE (caution, the information below may vary depending on the make and model): shipyards, power plants, chimney stacks, dams, skyscrapers for facade maintenance and window cleaning, facade decorations and restorations, pile bridges and viaducts, shipyards, power plants, chimney stacks, dams, …all uses where productivity needs to be increased in facade works…

Pile on viaduct with self-propelled electric scaffold Building with self-propelled scaffold Self-propelled scaffolds and mast climbers Building under construction with self-propelled systems and mast climbing work platforms
  • self-propelled work platform DESCRIPTIONA self-propelled work platform supported by one or more masts composed of 1.5 m modular elements, which allow the platform to move up and down thanks to a self-braking electric gear motor and rack and pinion drive mechanism. When the desired height is reached, the end mast elements are developed, fitted with a mechanical safety limit switch. The vertical masts are anchored to the building either by welding the tubes to the plates, which are in turn fixed onto counter-plates, or using a tube and clamp system; depending on its model and size, the machine is anchored every 3/6 m. [/expand]
    • Load capacity: up to 4000 kg
    • Maximum height: 300 m
    • Platform width: 1 m with possibility to extend to 3 m using telescopic extensions
    • Platform length: from 2.7 to 40 m
    • Power: 220/380 V
    • Lifting speed: from 6 to 12 m/min
    • Continuous power: from 1.5 kW to 12 kW depending on model
    • Assembly time: e.g. for a double mast, 20 m long and 20 m high platform, 3 people, 1 day.