Descrizione prodotto ascensori bicabina e monocabina - Servizio di progettazione e consulenza, servizi di noleggio/affitto, servizio di vendita usato FIELDS OF USE (caution, the information below may vary depending on the make and model): monumental restorations, historical building renovations, new constructions, refineries, chimney stacks, tanks, dams, wind turbines, …all uses requiring rapid action and safe transportation at height…

Passenger hoists for bridges and elevators for viaducts - Construction elevators Building facade with the installation of a single cab elevator Elevators with cab in a building Detailed view of a single cab elevator
  • Descrizione prodotto ascensoriUnlike construction hoists, passenger hoists feature a completely closed cabin; they work with a rack and pinion drive mechanism and transport things and people quickly and safely, at low, medium or great heights. The cabins slide up and down a mast formed by 1.5 m modular trellises, stacked one on top of the other and anchored to the building every 6/9/12 m depending on the model. ..details
    When working at a height greater than 20 m, construction elevators become almost indispensable. Construction elevators represent a fast, versatile and manageable way of moving people and materials to different heights. They can be anchored either to the scaffolding or directly to the building, cab dimensions can be perfectly adapted to your needs and variable climbing speeds are possible, ranging from 12 to 60 metres per minute, making the lifting of materials and personnel both fast and safe. They are used in both the construction and industrial sector, eliminating the need for construction or crawler cranes. With these machines, two important modern worksite objectives are achieved: increased safety and lower operating costs, speeding up logistical operations, improving competitiveness and ensuring the construction company is up to step with the times. The mast is composed of vertical trellises that can be made with triangular, square or flat sections. Square sections are more suitable for single cab construction elevators. The trellis racks on which the pinion works can be either welded or bolted. The cabin is completely closed on the sides and top. Tradespeople using the elevator cannot be struck by moving parts insofar as once installed, the elevator is fitted with an enclosure at the base and gates on the floors at every point of access. The elevator is very quick to assemble and dismantle, operations that must be performed by expert personnel only. Furthermore, this machine lends itself to numerous special applications. Suffice it to think of routine and especially corrective maintenance in wind turbines, or transportation into the depths of the earth in the case of technical miners and whatnot, or even staged shows or the transportation of tourists and visitors to great heights. Needless to say, an endless range of uses; contact us for an obligation-free consultation.
    • Speed: from 12m/min to 60m/min
    • Load capacity: from 500 kg to 3000 kg
    • Power: 220/380 V.
    • Maximum reachable heights: up to 400 m
    • Internal cab width: from 1 m to 2.5 m
    • Internal cab length: from 1 m to 5 m
    • Overall fenced ground dimensions: from 6 to 30 m2
    • Assembly time e.g.: complete 1000 kg single cab elevator, 2 people, 2 days.