Descrizione prodotto dei ponteggi tradizionali - Progettazione, consulenza, noleggio, affitto, vendita e usato FIELDS OF USE (caution, the information below may vary depending on the make and model): building constructions, churches and bell towers, pile bridges and viaducts and sides of the road bed, facade and rooftop maintenance… all uses where there would be too many joints to set up…

Large building with fixed scaffolding erected San Antonio di Padova with traditional scaffolding erected Building with fixed scaffolding
  • Descrizione tradizionaleFixed scaffolding and fixed metal scaffolding formed by a certain number of elements and accessories, are temporary structures allowing the construction or maintenance of buildings. The frame is a fundamental element and is composed of two vertical elements (stiels), combined with a horizontal element (transom) and finally with two bracing elements welded underneath the frame...details
    Prefabricated frame scaffolds, sometimes referred to as framework scaffolding, are the most popular type because they are particularly suited to linear facades. The advantages of this system in terms of its purchase price, speed of erection, ease of transport and reasonable maintenance costs make it a very competitive option compared to the now obsolete tube and clamp system. The “frame scaffolding” system consists in two main H-shaped frames with two types of couplings: pins and bushes. Prefabricated frames are connected to each other by:
    – Ledgers: a horizontal tube that connects the two prefabricated frames longitudinally through:
    – Front guard rail: this structural element is used as both a guard rail and as bracing, eliminating the need to erect the relative diagonal element. It must always be integrated into the toeboard, which must be at least 20 cm high, along the edge and attached to the board.
    – Decking: these are the steel walking surfaces, which for structural reasons have replaced the now obsolete wooden planks, now used only in loading areas.
    Consider that almost all builders produce many accessories such as prefabricated shelves, bargeboards and footways, ensuring a complete and flexible structure. If the structure is properly designed, this type of scaffolding can also be used for complex works, for example surge tanks or bridges and viaducts. Euroedile is therefore able to erect your personally owned traditional scaffolding even in the most complex worksites.
  • Descrizione prodotto ponteggio tradizionale TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TRADITIONAL SCAFFOLDING:
    • Module length: from 1.8 m to 3.0 m
    • Width: from 70 to 120 cm
    • Material: Steel tube S 235JR Ø 48.3 x 2.9 mm
    • Finish: painted or hot-dip galvanized
    • Assembly time: e.g.: 250 m2 of scaffolding, 3 people, 1 day.