• Descrizione del servizio montaggio o smontaggioAs at today, 2015, Euroedile counts 80 employees in charge of erecting/dismantling (and approximately 120 external collaborators) able to erect any type of fixed scaffolding or mast climbing work platforms, whether owned by the company or by the client themselves. Scaffolding erection teams ..details
    workers are divided into teams of three/four people, each equipped with their own vehicle to reach the worksite and their own tools needed to erect the scaffolding. Euroedile places much importance on the safety of its employees so as to avoid unfortunate and tragic accidents; in particular, the company provides the best, technologically advanced personal protective equipment available in the global market, for scaffolding erection activities. The company is committed to promoting individual skills and therefore encourages continuous training through weekly seminars and refresher courses specific to each employee’s qualifications. Every employee is trained by participating in the following courses:
    – Base Course DL81/2008 on workplace safety and preventive measures Art. 37 of Leg. Dec. 81/08
    – Course for Workers and Persons in Charge of Scaffolding Assembly / Dismantling / Transformation art. 136 and attach. XXI of Leg. Dec. 81/08
    – Course for First Aid officers pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08 and D.M. 388/2003
    – Course for Fire Safety Wardens pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08 and D.M. 10th March 1998
    – Specific Training Course for Persons in Charge of Worksites pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08
    – Course for Aerial Platform workers pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08 and Leg. Dec. 359/99
    – Course for Forklift workers pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08 and Leg. Dec. 359/99
    – Specific Training Course for works in Confined Spaces art. 66 attach. IV and D.P.R. 177/11
    – Course for workers that use truck-mounted Cranes pursuant to Leg. Dec. 81/08 and Leg. Dec. 359/99

    Furthermore, each team responsible for erecting the scaffolding follows very strict procedures in each worksite, including a careful consultation of the design, a reading of the safety operating plan and the Scaffolding Erection, Use and Dismantling Plan, and finally the signing of a scaffolding delivery report with the client in order that they can check the compliance of the installed structure.
    Photos with examples of scaffold dismantling Transport and erection of traditional scaffolding